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MUSE Spokane


Inland Northwest Health Services (INHS) will share some of their lessons learned regarding technology and support.


Cloud Computing
We have all heard this term many times recently but what does it mean for healthcare?


The Security Landscape in Healthcare
Pulling the Plug – How HIPAA protected your patients but forgot to protect your patients’ lives.


Improving Clinician Mobility and Productivity
This session will provide information about leveraging technology to deliver data anywhere, anytime, to any device.


Help Desk – Achieving Customer Satisfaction
End User Confidence is difficult to win, very easy to lose, and critical in any effort to achieve customer satisfaction. The primary building blocks of customer service excellence must be met to win the hearts and minds of your customers. This session will describe how administrators can elevate the mindset of their entire end user population through the efforts of an effective and consistent Help Desk.


Paperless Hospital, Not Just the EMR Anymore
Even with CPOE, hospitals are finding that the paper is still in abundance. How do you cope with patients arriving with documents that are needed for patient care? Physicians sending orders who are not on your Health Information System? In this session, we will be discussing the Electronic Medical Record, the Electronic Legal Record, What to Collect, When to Collect it and how you can save Time and significant $ using workflow and ECM, Enterprise Content Management.



  • Wireless Devices – iPad, iPhone, and more!
  • MEDITECH Disaster Recovery and Archiving for High Availability and Controlling Storage Sprawl within MEDITECH Environments


The New England Journal of Medicine — Meaningful Use


David Blumenthal, the national coordinator for health information technology at the Department of Health and Human Services, wrote an excellent article summarizing meaningful use for electronic health records for the New England Journal of Medicine.


Read the full article at: