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  • Denisha Corbeil

    I’m not positive if I’m writing this in the right area, but I’m getting ready to transfer to the United States and am attempting to secure jobs in the i . t industry. I currently have a job lead with a enterprise (LTJ Management, LLC, 900 Congress Ave, Suite L-150, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 895-9500) and sought some ideas on the best way to research them to discover if they might be a good company to work for. I’ve checked on their web site, but believed someone here may have some other thoughts on where to look. Thank very much.

  • Pardon me if I’m writing this in the wrong area, but does anybody on this website know where I can find opinions on a firm in the United states advertising an IT sales job? The firm is LTJ Management, LLC located at 900 Congress Ave., Suite L-150, Austin, TX 78701 (512) 895-9500. I’m transferring to the US shortly and any support would be appreciated. Thank you.

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