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A Way to Date That's Better Than the Bachelor or Bachelorette Show




The latest season of the Bachelorette just wrapped up, and it looks like yet again, the Bachelorette has found the love of her life. If you watch the shows and don't keep up with what happens afterwards, you may be surprised to find out that in most cases, these relationships do not last. Of course, there are some notable exceptions, but more often than not, the relationships that are formed under the rather extraordinary circumstances presented on the show don't work out.


It's definitely more easy to fall in love when you don't have to deal with the everyday stressors such as dealing with your job and family. Not to mention, the show takes contestants to exotic locations and the dates are often magnificent, even magical. It's also worth pointing out that when the cameras are aimed at you 24/7, it does affect your behavior to a significant extent. So even if you find someone you think is ideal under such a situation, there is a chance the person you are interacting with is not being genuine to some extent because they are being taped. Once the cameras stop rolling, the newly engaged couples must live out in the real world. That's when things really start to change for them.


So how does this apply to your real life, if you are in the search for love? Well, you have one big advantage, which is that you won't be meeting people under some fantasy setting. It may sound strange to call this an advantage, but it really is, since your relationship from the beginning will be more grounded in reality.


Of course, it may seem like the odds are much better when you're on a show were 20+ suitors are trying to woo you. But the fact is, you can have equally good or better odds using an online dating site such as eharmony. The reason I say this is that by using eharmony, you will have the benefit of a highly sophisticated algorithm finding you members with a high probability of being compatible with you. In some ways, relying on this type of scientific approach is preferable to just rolling the dice with random people you meet on a TV show. If this sounds like something you'd like to try out, check out this eharmony free trial: http://couponleaf.com/eharmony-free-trial


And remember, a TV show about dating is all about entertainment. Finding someone to love is serious business, and you should not mix it with any kind of entertainment franchise. So if you've ever dreamed of being on the Bachelor or Bachelorette to find love, stop dreaming. You're much better off using eharmony or another well-known dating site.