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Christian Dating Sites


Are you thinking of joining an online dating site? If so, you’ve probably considered some of the major dating sites such as Match.com and eHarmony. But if you are a devout Christian, a Christian dating site may be a better fit for you. For sure, it’s certainly possible to find someone who is religiously compatible with you on other dating sites, but with Christian dating sites, religious compatibility takes a front seat. For this reason, it’s a good option for anyone for whom faith is an important part of their life.




Unfortunately, Christian dating sites have fewer members than mainstream dating sites. There is one exception, however, which is Christian Mingle. You may have encountered the many commercials for this dating site. In fact, it has been the most heavily promoted Christian dating site in recent years. And it seems their marketing efforts have paid off. It is now not only the #1 Christian dating site, but one of the most popular dating sites in the world.


I have an account with Christian Mingle, and found the website to be at least as good as other major dating sites such as Match.com. It has a basic interface that is easy to use and will be easy to figure out even for people who are computer-challenged. Most importantly, the large membership makes it easy to find someone in your area, regardless of where you live.


Of course, there are other dating sites for Christians, but for the moment, Christian Mingle is clearly the top dog in this niche dating area. But you don’t have to necessarily take my word for it. You can easily obtain a Christian Mingle free trialĀ  and see for yourself if the website is something you’d be interested in using.


One interesting fact I learned recently is that Christian Mingle is owned by a secular company, Spark, which also owns Match.com. By contrast, eHarmony, which is not a Christian dating site, was founded by Neil Clark Warren, who is deeply religious. Just like Christian Mingle, you can get a free trial of Eharmony.


The best thing to do is not select a site solely based on its niche, but to try them out first and choose the one that appeals to you more.


You won’t go wrong using either site. In many ways eHarmony’s goals of finding you true love and marriage is right in line with Christian values, so there’s no reason a Christian shouldn’t at least consider eHarmony as well as Christian Mingle.