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Some Thoughts on Business Card Printing


avery business cardsFor a long time, I used Vistaprint for my business cards, and they used to do a good job. However, I was not pleased with the latest batch of cards I received from them, so a while back, I began to explore other options. After some time, I found a printing company called Printplace, which a colleague of mine recommended to me. I eventually used them to order 500 business cards, and I thought I would provide a review of their service.


Printplace is not a large online printing service, but it still offers printing for the majority of needs a business owner might have. This includes printing for things like posters, postcards, brochures, menus, and many other items. Ordering was quick and easy, and it worked in much the same way as other websites. In a nutshell, you simply upload your artwork, review the proof, and approve then make a payment. The files can be uploaded in a variety of formats, but I like to use PDF myself.


As for the price, it was pretty reasonable. I always hunt for coupons when I place an order for printing services, and sure enough, there were plenty of Printplace coupons available, which you can get from various coupon sites. This brought down my price quite a bit. A variety of shipping options were available, but I was in no rush, so I chose the standard shipping option.


When I received the cards, I was very pleased. It was printed on good quality card stock, and the printing itself was very well done. I would definitely recommend this company to others, and plan to use them again for my business cards in the future.


People who are short on cash, however, may want to print their own business cards. This can be done quite easily using business card paper and a good quality printer. If you print your own cards, you will go through a lot of ink, however, so it's important that you have a place to buy ink cartridges cheaply. If the cartridge you use is sold at Walmart, that is one good place to purchase new cartridges cheaply.


But a better option is to purchase remanufactured ink cartridges from online stores like Inkfarm. Such cartridges are less expensive than new cartridges and for the most part, they perform just as well. I like to use Inkfarm coupon codes from InkjetPrinterDiscounts.com to get the best deal possible. The key is to buy your cartridges from a well-known vendor such as Inkfarm. This is the store I rely on for all my ink purchases, and I have never been disappointed with the quality of their products.